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Practice how to be a more mindful audience member.

Practice how to be a more mindful audience member one show at a time. Join host Miriam Weiner and her guests as they process the live theater they attend with intentionality, generosity, and humor. Watching is a muscle, strengthen it!

Host, Miriam Weiner

Miriam is a theater maker and teacher, the Literary Manager at the Tony Award–winning off-Broadway company Vineyard Theatre and a professor at the Tepper Semester, Syracuse University. 

Director, Diana Yanez

Performer, writer, story-teller, comic, creator of award-winning LATINA CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and VIVA LA EVOLUCIÓN. Her company, AtomicTuna Productions, is currently developing new podcast projects.

"This podcast is a breath of fresh air."

—— Ralph B. Peña, Playwright

"...a way of understanding not only the art we see but who we are as artists..."

—— Michelle Bossy, Director

"Necessary and exciting...."

—— Susan Bernfield,

Artistic Director/Producer, New Georges

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